About Alien Case

    Thinking of getting selfies hands-free? Yes of course! While you are reading this blurb, aliens in another galaxy, may be taking selfies without using their hands thanks to zero gravity. Confusing? Not anymore!

    Let’s fool earth’s gravity and enjoy hands-free selfies with Alien Case! 

    It uses space age technology to help you temporary mount your phone almost anywhere without being sticky.

    Stick your mobile phone on any smooth flat surface and go hands-free while taking selfies. It is designed not just for selfies, it lets you to manage your tasks, either at home or office, while enjoying a movie on Netflix, watching your favorite makeup tutorial or having a chat with your buddies.

    You can stick the case on mirrors, windows, kitchen cabinets, tile, whiteboards, metal and many other non porous surfaces. The secret behind is millions of nano-scale tiny suckers on the back of the case!

    Need more reasons to choose Alien Case Hard Case Cover?

    Most convenient case for iPhone 6/6s/6 plus, 7/7s, 7plus and Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge.

    Durable and grip-friendly. 

    Provide comprehensive protection from all kinds of scratches, shocks, dusts, drops and damages.

    Easy to install and remove without any scratches. 

    Easy to clean. Simply wipe down your case with a damp cloth.

    Never feels bulky and provide full access to all the buttons and ports of your cell phone.

    What’s in the box?

    1 X Brand-new alien case


    Note: It is recommended to use the case cover with a screen protector and Alien Case is not responsible for any damages due improper use, drops and scratches.